Tree Services

Tree Pruning, “dead-wooding”, and trimming of branches, hedges and bushes are all very extensive jobs depending on how high up in the air the pruning work needs to be done. We employ tree climbers who use safety harnesses and safety ropes to ensure a clean and safe tree and branch removal. Our team makes every attempt to ensure the health of your trees, and in the event a tree is not able to be saved, a tree removal process may ensue.

Tree Removal services are often required when a tree is dying, threatening to cause major or significant damage, or when a desire to have a new or rejuvenated landscape exists. We offer a stump removal or stump grinding service, to eliminate stumps and roots under the ground. Our pricing for tree removal varies from tree to tree depending on the haul away of materials and debris, as well as the difficulty in taking down the tree in question. If you have branches fall in a storm of wind, rain or lighting, we will do our best to save your tree and keep everyone on the ground safe from hazard.

Firewood is a very heavy part of the trees, and can significantly ad cost and labor to your tree removal job. If you or someone you know would like to keep the firewood onsite, this will always be reflected in our pricing.

Seasonal Pruning:

B & R Tree Services prunes trees throughout the year in order to train their growth, clean up damage and debris, and address disease.

Winter Pruning:

Pruning done in the winter time be of a higher extent as the trees incur less shock when in a dormant state. Our arborists also know to exercise caution with certain flowering trees such as the Birch, which should primarily be pruned in the late summer.

Spring and Summer Pruning:

Flowering trees are not meant to be pruned until after flowering has come and gone. It is a great time to work on non-flowering trees and clean them up for the summer months.

Autumn Pruning/Fall Cleanups:

Along with collective leaves and fallen branches prior to winter, removing dead or diseased branches is a great idea as it helps mitigate the natural process and keeps debris clean. A great time to address your trees that are over grown and in need of attention. Most trees can undergo fairly extensive pruning and the Elm pruning season begins come autumn until spring as well.

Black Knot Control:

Black knot is a disease that affects Schubert and Mayday trees are common trees in Calgary that are affected by this fungus. It is imperative that it be controlled in order to prolong the life of the tree and keep the spreading at bay.
More than half to three quarters of a tree consumed by black knot becomes a candidate for removal.

Tree Removals:

Sometimes trees need to be removed because they are too old and frail, in the way, or have significant damage from high winds and storms. If you require a tree removal our arborists all practice safe falling techniques to ensure a damage and injury free process. All debris and firewood are removed from site unless the owner wishes to keep the wood.

Stump Grinding:

Stump grinding is the practice of removing the stump and connected roots up to three feet underground so that new landscaping or trees may replace the stump. It also ensures no suckering or regrowth will occur.


We prune and shape hedges for aesthetics and we also can treat them for diseases such as oyster shell (although usually it is best to cut the hedge down for rejuvenation. We work on cardigans, lilac, cottony asters and other small hedges and shrubs to enhance the look of your yards and garden areas while keeping up on the health of these plants.

Dead Wooding:

Spruce trees should be dead wooded every so often to keep them looking clean and to alleviate a future mess on the ground. Other trees require that dead branches be removed before they hollow out and fall down to the ground.

Branch Chipping and Haul Away:

We use a wood chipper to maximize our load capacity when removing branches. If you need branches hauled from previous pruning or cleaning up after a storm, we can do this anytime.

Tree Planting:

Our team is happy to help consult about planting trees and shrubs. We connect you with suppliers and help with suggestions about age, price points and feasibility of what to plant and where. We also plant hedges and ornamental shrubs and flowers.


Mulch makes for a great bed underneath a tree. If you would like bulk mulch and weed stopper cloth put underneath your trees, we do the labor, delivery and help select fine quality mulches from several suppliers in the region.