Property Maintenance

Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping

Over the winter the sand, salt and rock builds up on your parking lot creating an un-attractive appearance. Our service is simple and efficient. We use a bobcat sweeper with collector and can quickly clear small to large parking lots, day or night. Once the sweeper has filled we load the debris into our dump trailer and haul it away. Our maintenance staff uses handheld power sweepers to clean around entrance ways.

Commercial Parking Lot Litter Control

Our litter pickup service is offered to industrial, commercial and retail customers wishing to keep their properties clean. Not only do we clean up litter, but we also haul it away and no extra cost. Figures show that most litter consists of cans, bottles, newspaper, coffee cups, bags & other miscellaneous debris. Between 85-90% of litter is RECYCLABLE! We pride ourselves on taking your litter and waste and turning it into a recyclable product. We can tailor a service schedule that is right for you. Now that is good for the environment and for business! Our litter cleanup program is custom tailored to the individual needs of each property.

Irrigation Systems

Having an irrigation system gives you the advantage of watering regularly and efficiently and ultimately defying the harsh elements summer. With a custom designed irrigation system, you can be sure that all your watering needs are met. If you have an existing system, we will maintain and/or improve with high quality products from the leading irrigation manufacturers. If you have problems with your current system, then we can diagnose the issue and come up with the best solution to have your system functioning properly. We do complete irrigation system installs, service, maintenance and repairs on all makes and models.

Flower Beds Construction and Maintenance

We are able to create any design flower bed you may require on your commercial or residential property. We can select plants, shrubs or trees and install as well as ground cover in your flower beds. We Have programs to supplement flower arrangements from spring to fall with vibrant colours making your beds looking fantastic.

The Seasonal Flower Bed Maintenance provides ongoing maintenance, throughout the season. In the spring we clean up your flowerbeds of winter debris and dry vegetation, cultivate your flowerbed soil and re-define the edges. During the season we pass by your place monthly to pull the weeds, cultivate the flowerbeds soil and redefine the edges. In the fall we put your flowerbeds “to sleep” by cutting the tops of the perennials, pulling out the annuals and doing a final flower bed surface raking. We are able to do weekly and monthly bed maintenance as well. You can always call us to do one- time flower bed maintenance calls, as needed.